Sumitomo Bank


This project marks the return of the Japanese financial institution to the italian market. After surveying a range of central Milanese premises and carrying out initial feasibility studies Sumitomo's management decided to locate to a prime site in the heart of the city. The building is accessed from both  Via Senato and Via della Spiga, one of Milan's most prestigious shopping streets. Within the building are other key international banking groups, which have already established a high level of overall security to the promises which was one of Sumitomo's key concerns.

The spirit of the design intervention is clarity and a refined simplicity. A whitened oak has been used for all furniture as well as for some wall penelling that gives the reception with iis beige stone floor and main conference room a special level of refinement. Internal offices and meeting spaces have full height glass partitions which foster a sense of openness and promote the collective work style the bank whishes to promote. A raised floor has been installed inside the two office areas for flexibility and cable distribution as well as an independently conditioned room for the central server, security and telecommunications equipment.