Haworth - Patterns


Patterns is the latest product group that has been devised by Studio & Partners and Haworth as part of the overall reassessment and definition of its product portfolio. Although it is conceived to work in harmony with the Compose (panel system) and Enclose (wall system), it represents a new type of product for the group as it seeks greater appreciation and collaboration with the A&D market.

The design reflects Haworth's exhaustive research into a more human and simple workplace environment that, not only provides privacy but that this inherently scalable and promotes views through the space.

Patterns consists of a range of different size "bridge" forms that include benches, long tables, workplaces, storage units that can be combined in different ways to echo a landscape of contained volumes which, when "dressed", can create a very personal and domestic feel. These volumes can be arranged to create either single or combined configuration as well as providing monolithic units that can reinforce the architectural composition and order of the space.

Althrough a system product that is designed to integrate technology infrastructure and lighting one of its key qualities is the ease in which custom pieces can be produced for single projects. This has always been one of the most difficult problems for office system manufacturers but is now considered a key part of their competivity especially in high profile projects.

Launched at NeCon 2006, Patterns was the key product in Haworth's Chicago showroom and won a silver design award for best workplace system. As a new and iconic product in the marketplace it is providing Haworth an opportunity to win important design led projects.