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Studio & Partners is a team of interior designers, architects and industrial designers who pool their expertise to create sophisticated, user-friendly and environmentally-aware products and branded environments. Thanks to our unusual mix of disciplines, we uniquely combine creative design competence with real and practical expertise in the logistics of space management. Although we can look back on a sustained track record of success that is anchored in proven quality, we maintain a friendly, modern mindset and a forward-looking approach. In over eighteen years of work, we have gathered an impressive portfolio of international clients and brands, realising projects in fields as diverse as retail, commerce, hospitality and the Arts.

Our products are specifically tailored to the international marketplace. We put together a dedicated multicultural team for each project and supplement it with input from our network of know how partners. By synthesising Nordic thoroughness, organisation and dependability with a Mediterranean creativity, flair and affinity for materials, we can guarantee an international appeal and flavour for any brand with global aspirations. And being based in Milan – the crossroads of Europe and the world’s design capital – and Berlin - the hotspot for contemporary trends - we are also uniquely placed to key into changing trends and deliver cutting-edge looks.